COASTAL AUTUMN JURIED PLEIN AIR PAINT OUT  (See addedum at the bottom for details related to the extended show)

Paint Out Dates: September 15 - 19, 2018 (artists can paint any number of days during this time span)
Delivery of Completed Works by: by September 19 (3pm), 2018, Corkran Gallery. Works can be delivered to the gallery during gallery hours at anytime before the deadline 
Exhibition Dates:  September 21 - 30, 2018
Exhibition Location :  Homestead Gallery
Call Deadline:  September 6, 2018 (11pm)
Notification of Acceptance by:  September 7(5:00pm)
Registration Fee: $20.00

Only online entries will be reviewed

Eligibilty and Summary
This call for entry is open to all RAL Member and Non-Member Artists. Artists will have up to five days to paint scenes that embody the natural beauty or culture of our coastal community. RAL has permits for artists to create works within designated locations in the Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach areas. Dependent upon the number of particpating artists, each artist may select and enter up to two works to be placed into this exhibition. All works must be original and created during the designated "Paint Out" time period. Artists are asked to embrace the spirit of plein air painting by creating their works on-site, in an outdoor setting, without the use of photography. 

Receptions and Fundraising Event 

As part of the fundraising efforts of our non-profit organization,RALwill host a ticketed fundraising event on Friday, September 21,from 5-8pm. This event will be in lieu of a publc reception and will be the first opportunity for artwork sales. Award winning works will be sold at live auction during the event. Artists and the community are invited to a Closing Reception on Sunday, September 20, from 2-4:00pm, at the Homestead.

Registration and Canvas Stamping / Canvas Size Limitation 
Registration will begin on Saturday, September 15, at 10am at the Corkran Gallery and continure through Wednesday, September 19 (noon) during regular gallery hours. Gallery hours are Monday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm and Sunday, noon - 4pm. Canvases may be no larger than 20" x 24." 

Permitted Bondaries of the "Paint Out"
If artists choose to paint outside these areas, works must be created east of Route 1, between Lewes and Bethany.

  • City of Lewes 
  • Cape Henlopen State Park (artists are responsible for any admission fees)
  • City of Rehoboth Beach
  • Town of Dewey Beach (please avoid setting up on busy Route 1)
  • Town of Bethany Beach

Allowable mediums
Oils, acrylic, mixed media, pastel/conte, pencils, inks, charcoal, watercolor. No photography.

Best in Show $500.00
Best Maritime: $250.00
Best Townscape: $250.00
Best Use of Light: $250.00
Judge's Choice: $250.00

Awards Judge
 Brian Murphy is an award-winning plein air painter who has committed himself to capturing on canvas the scenic environment throughout the United Sates, Europe and Asia. 

It is recommened (but not required) that all works on display be framed. They also must be wall hung ready with a wire.  No works can be larger than 20" x 24"(image size)

All works must be available for sale. The artist will recieve the standard RAL 65% commission of the Artist's Sale price on all works sold outside the live auction.
For sales of award winning works sold at live auction, in addtion to the cash award, the arstist will receive:
   1) For works that sell at the Artist's Price: 65% of the Auction Sales price (i.e.,the same as the original Arist's Sales price).
   2) For works that sell under the Artst's Price: 65% of the origninal Artists Sales price. Noting that the artist commission is not reduced.
   3) For works that sell over the Artist's Price: 65% of the Auction Sales price. Artists may also elect to donate the differnece between the 
       Auction Price and the Artist's Sales Price to the Rehoboth Art League.

Delivery and Pick up of Works

Works must be delivered to the Corkran Gallery by 3:00 pm on September 19. Only stamped works will be accepted. Pick-up dates are by October 15, 2018. All artwork must be picked up by the artist and/or shipping arrangements prepaid and prearranged by the artist at the end date of the show. RAL is not responsible for the return of any artwork(s) if unclaimed, or when no arrangements have been made. There is a storage fee of five dollars ($5.00) / day / piece for any work(s) that remains at the RAL after 14 days following the close of the exhibition.  Any works remaining at the RAL after two (2) months past the end date of this exhibition may be forfeited to the Rehoboth Art League. The RAL is not responsible for any wrapping materials or boxes left at the time of delivery.


Each artist must submit three images of previous plein air work.  Submitted works must be produced no earlier than 2016 and must be examples of plein air work. Submission images must be less than 4MB each. Upon each submission, you will receive an email confirming acceptance. You may re-enter the call until the deadline to delete, change, and/or edit your submissions.  Check out this instructional video to resize larger images using both Mac and Windows operating systems.

*NOTE: From time to time, based upon  the securitiy settings on your email account and/or security settings set up by your internet carrier, emails from ArtCall may be filtered to you SPAM  file. You should recieve an email confirmation with each submitted work as well as an email indicating the juor's decision (one for each work). To avoid artists whose notifications may slip throught the cracks- an email will be sent to all particpating artists  from Aritist Director Jay Pastore alerting them that the juror's selections have been sent out. If after that notification you do not receive an email indicating the status for each of your submissions, call Jay Pastore at 302227.8408 ext. 104, or email 


September 6, 2018(11pm):   Application Deadline
September  7 by 5:00pm:   Notificaton of Acceptance 
September 15 - 19:  Canvas Stamping, in the Corkran Gallery. Gallery Hours are Mon - Sat 10:00am - 4:00pm and noon - 4pm on Sunday.
September 15 - 19 (noon): Paint Out. Artist will choose their selected site based upon a list of available sites provided by RAL.
September 19 (3:00pm):  Delivery of works to the Corkran Gallery
September 21 (5-8pm):  RAL ticketed fundraiser and auction of award-winning works. Other works will be available for sale.
September 21 - 30:  All works will be on display in the Homestead Gallery
September 30: Closing Reception, Homestead, 2-4:00pm
October 15:  Deadline for pick-up of work

By submitting works into this call for entry you agree to the above terms and conditions.




From Oct. 19 - November 25, 2018, the Rehoboth Art League will host a special exhibition (as part of the September Plein AIr Event) to take place in the Corkran Gallery. This will run concurrent with two other previously scheduled exhibitions.  

Eligibility of works
Any works created during the September Paint Out time period, including unsold works from the Homestead exhibition, will be accepted. All works must be stamped.

An Opening Reception is scheduled for Friday, October 19, from 5-7pm. This runs concurrent with the Opening Reception for Animal Farm - A Members' Juried Showcase exhibition and Street Photography - a juried exhibition by members of the Coastal Camera Club. (Typically these opening receptions draw from 160 - 200 attendees.)

Both canvas and paper works (framed and unframed) may be displayed. All unframed paper works and canvas boards that do not have a frame must be placed in protective sleeves (one per work). A table display will be made available for unframed works. It is recommened, but not required, that works on canvas boards be framed and able to be displayed from the wall. Unless otherwise agreed to by Artistic Director Jay Pastore all other works must be wall hung ready with a wire, or risk not being displayed.

All works must have a label completed by the Artist and affixed to the backside of all wall hung works or to the backside of the protective sleeve for all unframed paper works. Upon request RAL will provide labels. Labels must include the: Artist Name, Title, Location work was created, medium and sales price.

Listing of Exhibition Works
It will be assumed, unless otherwise directed by the Artist, that all unsold works from the Homestead exhibition will transfer into this extended exhibition. In order for both the Artist and RAL to keep an inventory of all works in this exhibit, and to use for creating display labels, each artist will be sent a template Excel document listing all of the works and their attributes (including works transferred from the Homestead exhibit). This must be  to completed and returned (as an Excel, or .csv document) to Jay Pastore at by 4:00pm, Sunday, October 14, 2018 

All works must be available for sale. Artists will receive the standard RAL 65% commission of the Artist's Sales price on all sold works. Payments are sent by the end of the second week of the month following the date of a sale.

Delivery and Pick up of Works
Delivery:  Works must be delivered (during gallery hours) to the Corkran Gallery, by 4:00pm, Sunday, October 14, 2018. Gallery Hours are Mon - Sat, 10am - 4pm and Sunday, 
noon -4pm. 

Pick up:  All unsold works, unless otherwise agreed to by Jay Pastore, must be picked up by the artist (or a designated person) and/or shipping arrangements prepaid and prearranged by the artist by December 9, 2018. RAL is not responsible for the return of any artwork(s) if unclaimed, or when no arrangements have been made. There is a storage fee of five dollars ($5.00) / day / piece for any work(s) that remains at the RAL after December 9, 2018.  Any works remaining at the RAL after two (2) months past the end date of this exhibition may be forfeited to the Rehoboth Art League. The RAL is not responsible for any wrapping materials or boxes left at the time of delivery.

By agreeing to participate in this extended exhibition, the Artist agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth above.